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New Year's 2008

Hard to believe that another year has flown by... But it has certainly been one jam-packed with great stuff. Highlights included 2 trips to NYC and all the folks there; concert performances like the featured program in the Chapel Hill Summer Chorus concert and the vignette at the Carolina Theatre; working with the Following Monk Festival; and of course starting the weekly Monday night radio show on WSHAfm.org. The latter is an ongoing labor of love and much time, and I learn so much from doing it while having a blast creating sets I can never do myself. Check out the webcast!

If you didn't get a chance to hear the interview that I did with vocalist/pianist Andy Bey, it's still available at the Monk site. And if you'd like to get monthly newsletters about what's happening in my crazy world, please sign up for the letter (always bcc and never shared!) on the Contacts page.

To all of you whom I've already met - thanks so much for your support and encouragement. And if we haven't met yet - please say hello at a concert or via email. I appreciate your interest in my music and thank you for your time.

To welcome in the New Year, I have created a card for you here (my photographer hat is on there as SLR Images). I'm off to Toronto for the IAJE convention again and know it will be another huge energy blast - and a time to appreciate the weather in North Carolina!

'Til next time ~


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