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January 2007

Time does have a way of flying ever faster by, and the "having fun" part of that old cliché is true for sure. Expanding and learning has come in many forms and dimensions, from classes and lessons, to listening and learning new songs, meeting new musicians, and performing in great venues. Trips to NYC, the big band Ellington show, recording, getting to sing with Jon Hendricks, exploring a new intimate setting at The Grape have all been highlights of the year. I am looking forward to attending the big IAJE convention again in a couple weeks, and have no doubt it will light more fires yet unknown.

Thanks for your interest in my music, and know that meeting you and connecting with you at the shows and online is part of what makes this all so rewarding. Your support is so appreciated!

To welcome in the New Year, I have created a photo card (my other self - SLR Images), and invite you to view it here. May you find the joy in the world around you!


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