Hillsborough Parlor Concert
March 15, 2009
Presented at the Ashe House by
the Hillsborough Arts Council:
The Susan Reeves Trio
with Ed Paolantonio and Peter Innocenti

Peter, Susan & Ed
                       Peter, Susan and Ed                   Photo:Steven Bromberg

Susan Reeves and Peter
                                   Susan and Peter               Photo:Steven Bromberg

The Ashe House                        The beautiful setting                           Photo:Paul Walton   

Susan Speading teheJoy                         Susan spreading the joy               Photo:Steven Bromberg

Susan Reeves with Max Preston and Pat Merriman
         With hosts Max Preston and Pat Merriman      Photo:John Delconte

Kevin Spurlock & Susan Reeves
    With Kevin Spurlock of Taintradio.org      
Photo:John Delconte


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