~ Musings ~
January 2006

It's FINALLY here- the new design is up and new pages are now integrated. I hope that this makes it easier for you to find the information and photos that you want to see, and that it makes your visit more enjoyable. A few improvements are still in progress, so check back in a month for some upgrades. Please send some feedback - I would love to hear your thoughts!

Many thanks go out to the three people who helped me to create this rendition: Grace Burke for implementing the graphic design; Carol Harkins of Cybergnarus for invaluable assistance with programming issues and other details; and Anthony Benson for help in many ways. It's a good thing for email - otherwise they'd be getting help calls at midnight!

I am on my way to the IAJE Convention in NYC. Please say hello if you're there, amongst the thousands of fellow jazzers, and check out the Jazz Vocal Coalition booth where my music as well as many other fabulous vocalists will be featured.

A big thanks to all who come to the concerts, buy the CDs, and otherwise lend greatly appreciated support. Can't do it without you! Glad you visited the site, and hope you'll come back.

Wishes for a year full of lyrical melodies, spicy harmonies, occasional whole rests, and adventurous cadenzas...


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