IAJE 2008

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Braden Reeves Wilson
Don Braden, Susan Reeves, Matt Wilson, and Julie Michels
photo:Judy Humenick

Teepe Braden Wilson
Joris Teepe, Don Braden and Matt Wilson

Teepe Berkman Braden
Joris Teepe, David Berkman, Don Braden

JK Dinner Group
Dinner at JK's: Bill Traut, Susan Reeves, Jane Bunnett, Mike Whitty, Bonnie Lester,
Arturo, Jon Hendricks, Larry Cramer

Art of Jazz Group
Canadian "Art of Jazz All Stars" with Jon Hendricks:Terry Clarke (d), Don Thompson (vb),
Jon Hendricks, Larry Kramer (t/fl), Jane Bunnett (ssax/f)

Hendricks Cramer Bunnett
Jon Hendricks, Larry Kramer, Jane Bunnett

Winstone Wheeler
Norma Winstone and Kenny Wheeler with the Conservatories UK Big Band

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