IAJE 2008
January 9-12, Toronto

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Jazz Wines Reception with the Lenore Raphael Trio

Hendricks Basse  Reeves Gates
Another champagne toast with Jon! We crashed Lenore's gig and had a ball...
Jon Hendricks, David Basse, Susan Reeves, Giacomo Gates
photo:Mike Whitty

JOn Hendricks & Susan Reeves
Jon Hendricks and Susan Reeves
photo:Karen Shane

Hendricks  Reeves Gates Basse
Jon, Susan, Giacomo, David
photo:Karen Shane

Walker Lawless Hendricks
Ken Walker (b) and Rudy Lawless (d) with Jon Hendricks

Gates Hendricks Basse
Giacomo Gates, Jon Hendricks, David Basse

Jon Hendricks & Lenore Raphael
Jon Hendricks and pianist Lenore Raphael

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