NYC Area
April 2007

a few highlights...
(no photos of Roseanna Vitro, nor the concerts I saw...)

Susan at JazzFeverJam
NYC- Susan singing at JazzFeverJam by LaRe -her birthday party- at Creole, April 3, '07    
                  Band: Bertha Hope, p;  Elias Bailey, b;  Ferid, Drums               Photo: Rome Neal

Susan with Elias Bailey
NYC - JazzFeverJam by LaRe at Creole: Susan with Elias
Photo: Rome Neal

Giacomo Gates
Lesson with Giacomo Gates in CT, March 31,2007      Photo:Susan Reeves

Giacomo Gates and Jon Russell
Mixing session for Giacomo Gates' new cd with Jon Russell at Presence Studios
Photo:Susan Reeves

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